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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 


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                                      ABOUT US

Our mission is to provide tomorrow’s technology to the aquarist industry by innovating and providing practical, functional and affordable products today. 
Our primary focusis to design and manufacture filtration products and custom aquariums; giving fanatical attention to detailed functionality at the highest quality. 
We use a variety of polymer products (primarily acrylic) to accomplish these goals.
We give extensive attention to the biological, mechanical, and ion exchange filtration processes needed for successful aquarium habitation. This attribute is built into each product line we offer: our
wet/dry’s, refugium sumps, protein skimmers, chemical canisters, Co2 injectors, and pre-filter/surface skimmer assemblies.
Our experience, Since 1983, Pioneering the biological filtration industry we have become the trusted leader to provide filtration products supporting aquatic life from their natural environment to your business, home or office. We take great pride in our history; providing our professionally crafted, fully functional, high quality products around the world to the following markets:
​Tropical Fish Collectors
Home aquarists
Pet Stores
Livestock Wholesale Distributors
Dry goods Wholesale Distributors
Public Exhibit Aquariums
Transship Importers
Science and Technology Institutions
​Home Builders Associations
Aquarium Maintenance companies
​Stock Brokerage Firms

Supplying filtration to marine aquarist since 1983 and still going strong

Biological Filtration systems

Aqua-Link Wet/Dry filters are strategically designed to be a self-contained core eco-system. Other filtration equipment can be incorporated to allow diversified processes depending on the type of life in the aquarium. Our wet/drys have easy access to assist in aquarium maintenance leaving a more attractive, natural appearance in the aquarium itself.

Protein skimmers

Aqua-Link ADP has an impressive variety of protein skimmers available. The concept, construction, and functionality are fantastic and include designs to fit all size aquariums. We offer , counter current, venturi, free standing and hang-on models, and invented the first ever free standing counter current protein skimmer.

Filtration Manufacturing

About our company