​​Carbon Insert Packets 

(Pre-filter Inline)

​Packets may be purchased in quantities of one, two or  three. Free shipping to addresses in the continental United States

Activated carbon is recommended for use in all marine, fresh and brackish aquariums.  Using activated carbon will remove Tannins to clear up the water and Phenols that will diminish fish odor.

Aqua-Link 2110 pre-filters and built-in aquarium weirs are uniquely designed with a particulate filter tray that provides an area for carbon insert packets. Being installed inline is most beneficial because maximum water contact is achieved and it provides extremely easy accessibility without shutting down or interrupting the flow in the filter system. 
Each 4”x 3.5” packet contains 2.5 ounces of Activated Bituminous Coal pellets.
These packets are to be placed inline on the particulate tray under the foam filter pad in the outside pre-filter box.

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