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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

Hang-On (HO)

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(HO) Skimmers are designed with a permanently attached mounting bracket so they can be operated by hanging it on the rim of standard aquariums when a wet dry or sump is not being utilized.

(FS) Skimmers are designed with a permanently attached bottom base so they can be operated set up under or beside an aquarium stand.

Free Standing (FS)

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF RECONSTRUCTING OUR PROTEIN SKIMMER WEB PAGES. In the mean time, it will be worth your while to contact us directly to discuss options suited to your specific needs.

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(Air block driven Counter Current)

Protein Skimmer

Over the past 30 years, Aqua-link ADP has earned reputation world wide to be the leader in functionally effective, low maintenance protein skimmers. We offer 11 standard models that are available to the hobbyist that are not currently shown. 

Model # 2550 64 " Counter Current Air driven.

Air driven produces Dry Foam. and  Black Protein

Prototype First ever 28" Free Standing 

Counter Current Protein Skimmer