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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

​$ 9.95

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​$ 9.92

Nitrification Chamber Lid

​​​$ 34.24

C-30 (5-3/4"x 5-3/4")

​$ 10.67

Deep Anti Plug Drip Tray Assembly with Raised platform designed as Mechanical Filtration for pre-drilled aquariums where pre-filters are not utilized. Lid drilled for 1" PVC Bulk Head Fitting.

​​​$ 23.29

(9-1/2"x 9-1/2" set)

Drip Tray Conversion

​$ 15.93

C-55 (7-5/8"x 7-5/8")

Nitrification Chamber Lid

​$ 9.88

​$ 8.99

​​​$ 68.01 

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C-55 (7-5/8"x 7-5/8")

Foam Injected Drip Drawer Assembly                (Multi Directional)

​​​$ 7.91

This easy to install unit is designed to oxygenate influent water as it enters your wet dry filter dramatically enhancing aerobic bacteria growth, super charging your Biological Filtration.

​The influent tube contains a tap to fill a sensor reservoir for sensor Probes. Slide out drip drawer allows easy access to change floss.

**Bulk Head not included**

C-30 (5-3/4"x 5-3/4")

Drip Tray

(11-1/2"x 11-1/2" set)

Drip Tray Assemblies

​$ 14.79

Deep Anti Plug Drip Plate

​​​$ 77.36