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Kit Includes;

(1) High Wall 2-1/2" Sock Mount (fits 3" retainer rail) (prevents splash back) 

(1) Micron Filter Sock 3" id x 10" long

(1) Foam Arrester Cylinder. (Filters debris, muffles drainage sound, and prevents splash back) 

                        Kit Includes;

150 μm

3" diameter x 10" long

Pull String style 

Fits Aqua-Link, Item # 4115 filter sock mount attachment.

Will securely attach to 1" thru 2" PVC fittings

Stock #2119-3


This Dual Micron filter sock Insert  has been designed as an optional accessory to retrofit the Aqua-Link 2110-Long pre-filter. The dual leg design disperses water evenly and prevents the sock from blocking flow into the drain bulkhead.
The purpose is to enhance mechanical filtration before entering the biological wet dry chamber.
Filter socks are used for removing ultra fine particulates. Strategically installed in-line as a stage 3 filter after large particulates are filtered by the coarse mechanical filter pad so larger particulates do not clog the micron filter sock allowing longer intervals between sock cleaning maintenance.
Easily installs around existing mechanical filter pad support tray.
Quick, easy maintenance access allows installing or removing for cleaning without water flow interruption.

(3 Pack)

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