Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

2220     6 gallon capacity        Dimensions     10-3/8”x 10-3/8”x 13”

2210     3.5 gallon capacity         Dimensions    8-3/8”x 8-3/8”x 11”

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Aqualinkadp Refugium

    All too often in the aquarium hobby, product manufacturers' market new products that get in the way of true innovation. As a true innovator myself, many times I get discouraged when I witness someone introduce a new product idea that may be a good concept and work well, yet a claim is made suggesting to replace previous steps that are equally important. To keep things into perspective, all one has to do is remind ourselves of the nitrogen cycle. We should peer out beyond our own technology to see how things are accomplished in nature. Then,,, use our technology to reproduce what nature does, only scaled down to the contained environment of the aquarium.
34 years ago we specifically designed the "Smart Chassis"shape our biologcal wet dry filters to allow for easy accessibility and future expansion of additional peripheral equipment. Since that time many new concepts have surfaced, protein skimmers, chemical filtration, UV sterilizers, etc. the list goes on. We engineered these as additional items to be independent of, yet operate as an integral part of our current product lines without eliminating any important steps along the way. Aqua-Link ADP Refugium Expansion units are engineered with the same principle. That is to retro-fit the sump access compartment of our standard line of wet dry filters without eliminating the nitrification chamber and/or sacrificing sump water capacity. In fact, this design increases to the already existing sump water capacity. No other brand can make that claim.
These units can also be purchased with a stand that allows it to be easily adapted, to operate with other models or brand wet dry filters.
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These compact units are made in two standard sizes. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE BELOW

​Multiple Influent Hook-Up Options
Water intake diffuser; disperses water evenly through the unit.
Built-in top flow and undertow directional water flow baffle wall. 
Clear front panel for real time viewing.
Tinted, transparent side and back panels to contain light to the refugium unit.
Stand pipe with mechanical filter cylinder; to keep life and plant growth in the refugium.

****Custom Units are available upon request****

Our Revolutionary, Cutting Edge, Expandable, Design complements existing filtration equipment. Adding as an independent unit, helps complete the existing aquarium eco-system by supplementing the final stage of the nitrogen cycle. This method adds to, without occupying valuable sump water holding capacity and decreasing evaporation maintenance.   

 Refugium Expansion Add-on Units

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