Stock #2225    11”x 11”x 8”    (fits stock #2220 refugium)

Stock #2215  9”x 9”x 8” (fits stock #2210 refugium)

Refugium Stand

Aqua-Link Refugium units are adaptable to be set up and operated retro-fit in a wet dry filter or as an independent unit. If you choose the independent set up, you will need a stand. These stands are made specifically to support Aqua-Link ADP Refugium units. They suspend these units the correct distance, (5.5”) off of the floor to allow plumbing to freely drain into a wet dry filter or other sump source. Taking into account the overall weight of the water volume these refugiums hold, these stands are engineered to evenly disperse support of the refugium units from both the bottom and the sides of the unit.  These stands are used to operate an Aqua-Link refugium unit separate from an actual sump. Using an independent refugium allows much more flexibility limiting space occupation, and increases sump water capacity. Each stand comes complete with the appropriate drain pipe and fittings to properly drain into a lowboy wet dry filter that is set up within 12" of a sump. Long distances can be achieved with additional plumbing and support.   

Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

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