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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

$ 677.50

(Dimensions 24”x 14”x 24.5”)

Each Unit adds 100 Gallons to Capacity

(Dimensions 13.5”x 15.5”x 24.5”)

Dimensions 30”x 15.5”x 24.5”

$ 99.50

Holds 8.5 Gallons

$ 197.50

Up to 200 Gallons Capacity

(Dimensions 30”x 15.5”x 24.5”)

Sea-Max (1000 Series)

Our most advanced model for the serious aquarist. First engineered in 1984 to provide biological life support for reef aquariums in oxygen deprived environments in high altitudes like the Rocky Mountains (10,000 ft plus above sea level). Manufactured with 1/4" (.236") thick, high grade cell cast acrylic. Features pressurized Foam Injectors to maximize oxygen concentration. The core filter section comes complete with many high tech, built-in features. Piggy back Sections (# 1010) may be added to expand to larger aquariums, and/or versatile to function as a refugium unit.