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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 

**Tom Von Rueden (4) Custom size Siphon J-tubes 

$ 10.76

**Larry Horton Custom size 3½" DR Siphon U-tube

**Dave Weber Custom size Siphon J-tubes 

$ 7.15

** Rob Melby Custom size Siphon U-tube 

** John Fisher Custom size Siphon U-tube 

$ 8.41

**Larry Horton Custom size 2¼" DR Siphon U-tube

$ 5.25

$ 9.63

**Cassandra Hoag Custom size Siphon J-tubes 

Siphon Start Assist Tool

$ 5.54

​​$ 4.96

$ 7.53

$ 6.40

**Mark Weiner Custom size Siphon J-tubes 

**Mark Acierno Return line kit** with filter purchase

**Paul Imerese Custom U-tubes (2)**

**Additional International Shipping charges**

"Special Orders"

Not sure what size U-Tube you need?       Refer to our video,        "Selecting a Siphon U-Tube"

​Since we manufacture all of our own U-tubes, and provide supply to many other filtration manufacturers as well, we are capable of making most any custom size. If one of our standard models will not work for your application, please select the button below and give us the sizes that you require and we will provide a quote.

$ 6.65

$ 7.35

$ 8.49

$ 5.76

$ 5.65

$ 6.21

$ 3.82

$ 4.16

$ 3.24

$ 4.88

$ 4.39

$ 4.90

 All Aqua-Link siphon U tubes are professionally manufactured in house. They are formed evenly with consistent uniformity to maintain strength integrity, and a clean appearance. 
Manufactured to fit 1-1/2" wide pre-filter hanger brackets, in five standard, even, inside leg lengths, either 4”, 5”, 6”, 7", and 8". Available in two tube diameters, 7/8”id. x 1”od. or 1-1/8”id. x 1-1/4”od. All standard sizes are made clear and available in two types of materials; you can choose either acrylic, or break resistant polycarbonate.
All these high quality features are sold at a low competitive cost. See sizes and pricing below.

1-1/4 inch outside diameter "ACRYLIC"

1-1/4 inch outside diameter "BREAK RESISTANT POLY"

1 inch outside diameter "BREAK RESISTANT POLY"

1 inch outside diameter "ACRYLIC"

U-Tube Siphon