Acrylic Utility Shelving

Universal style # 4565- Is a 10" x 6" flat 1/4" acrylic shelf that Includes a pair of universal mounting brackets enabling multiple mounting applications. This shelf can be mounted right side up, upside down either horizontally or vertically  hanging from above, the back or sides inside of an aquarium stand. The shelf is ideal for securely mounting air pumps, dosing pumps, controllers, etc. in close proximity of wet/dry filtration or refugium/sump units. This shelf is also designed to retro fit Aqua-Link ADP ATO containers


Hang-On Style

Utility shelves are useful in many aquarium system set ups to organize, mount or hold a variety of system accessories and ancillary equipment.  Currently there are two styles from which to choose;

Universal Mounting Brackets Only

Universal Style

Hang-on style HO-2565- has a molded 180 degree bracket that allows it to hang on the outside or inside of any aquarium, wet dry filter, or sump with perimeters (up to 1-1/2" wide). The HO bracket portion is pre-drilled to insert (2) included 2" x 5/16" nylon machine screws so the shelf can be leveled to any application. The shelf portion contains (4) pre-drilled holes and includes (4) nylon 3/4" x 3/16" machine screws and wing nuts that allows our "Free Standing" VT-2560 venturi protein skimmer to be securely mounted converting it a hang-on model.   

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# 2213-  90 degree brackets include (6) nylon 3/4" x 3/16" machine screws and wing nuts 

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