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Aqua-Mag (1/2" NPT)


Check your Head Pressure!

​In a marine aquarium, a standard "Rule of Thumb" practice is to use a magnetic drive water pump to circulate the water capacity in the aquarium, a minimum of 3-1/2 times per hour at the total height of the
"Water Return Line" flowing back into the aquarium. Gravity is a major factor when determining the output performance of a water pump. Any weight of the water in the return line above the pump creates a back pressure which diminishes the flow rate dramatically. In other words, the higher the return line, the lower the pumps output. This is referred to as “Head Pressure” To determine the pump you need, measure the distance from the water pump to the top of the aquarium and be sure to rate the pumps performance at that head pressure when you purchase.   Always use a water pump rated higher than what is calculated for the appropriate head pressure. Use a control valve on the output of the pump regulating the flow rate to only what you require. Never restrict water flowing INTO the pump; this could potentially damage the pump. All plumbing/fittings between the sump and the water pump, should meet or exceed the inside diameter of the intake on the water pump. Restrictions; Fittings (unions, valves, elbows etc.), and bends in the return line can all reduce the flow rate. Using too small diameter out flow hose/pipe will restrict pump output performance. Use a magnetic drive pump.

Plan for Peripherals!

Proper planning could save you $$ in the future. If you buy a larger pump now than you need to power only the filter, you are able to use a manifold to operate multiple accessories in the sump. Example; using a manifold allows you to buy a more effective protein skimmer that will hook up to the manifold and saves you the cost of buying a skimmer with a dedicated pump. This not only saves you on the purchase price of the skimmer, but also saves operational electricity cost by using one less water pump. Some future accessories to consider; Protein skimmer, Chemical Reacters, Dosing systems, Refugiums, UV sterilizers, Co2 injectors, Wave makers etc. Unless custom ordered, All Aqua-link compact and standard line filter systems are sold to accommodate submersible water pumps. All filters can be factory pre-dilled for external water pumps for an additional up charge if requested during purchase. Submersible: pros- compact, easy to set up, quiet. Cons- takes up valuable sump space, heat generated can raise water temp in aquarium. External: Pros - magnetic drive head will not transfer heat into the water, cleaner easier plumbing, larger pumps may be utilized, easy accessibility. Cons- Louder than most submersible models, Vibrates, Generates minimal room heat where installed.

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Aqua-Mag (1" NPT)

Dan Burrow     (Maxi Jet 1000 Water Pump) 

Selecting an Aquarium Filter Water Pump
An aquarium is much like a computer; every set up will operate differently depending on the software installed. For an aquarium some factors could be, aquarium size, inhabitants, flow effects, added peripheral equipment, future expansion etc. For this reason it is difficult to include a standard “cover-all” water pump with a filter package.


Aqua-Mag (3/4" NPT)

Water Pumps