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Aqua-Link Acrylic Design Products 


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​​​​​​Aqua-Link Filters and Equipment

 Aqua-Link ADP Wet/Dry filters are strategically designed to be core eco-systems, leaving a more attractive, natural appearance in the aquarium itself. Through our experience designing eco-systems for various applications, we found it necessary to develop many stock filter systems that are divided into 5 categories:

Compact Series --    Our smallest economy model. This least expensive model is designed to accomplish the basics in biological filtration for standard aquarium sizes 1 through 55 gallons in size.
1000 Series --   Sea-Max Eco-System. Developed for the seasoned hobbyist who understands the need for all "the bells and whistles" peripherals that are incorporated into this model. First developed in 1984 for a specific purpose (high altitude applications) it has remained the most technologically advanced system on the market to date. The first base model designed, handles heavy reef 200 gallon aquariums. This is the only model on the market that expands to any aquarium gallon capacity available for the hobbyist level.

2000 Series --   Our standard line. This well built, yet cost effective model provides the basic components to get learning hobbyists started in the right direction. Being our most popular model; it's "Smart Chassis" design offers the ability to add optional accessories and peripherals to obtain a more advanced eco-system than our compact model.

3000 Series --   Our Commercial Line. Designed with long-term durability in mind. This series accommodates the needs of large-scale, and multiple tank aquatic operations such as: fish farms, pet stores and exhibit aquariums, etc. This model is designed for maintenance applications with a high volume and turn over rate.

Back-Pack --   An Aquarium Hang-On system.
Most consumers new to the hobby, select filtration equipment by using the “price tag vs. 'what my wallet says' method”; and unfortunately, to attract the attention of the unwary consumer, most manufacturers fabricate their equipment first then carelessly rate the capacity one step higher and a dollar lower than their competition. In turn, the consumer receives inadequate equipment, and they also receive a false euphoria of a bargain in place of real value. Before we began to fabricate our filter equipment lines, our engineers considered four very important factors that were calculated to determine filter size and capacity ratio..​​

1. Application--  Our stock lines of hobbyist level filtration systems were originally designed for use in conjunction with single, standard glass aquariums and their capacities were rated accordingly.
2. Biological Demand -- Our filters are designed for a biological capacity in excess of what is actually required for the maximum biological load of the aquarium it has been rated for.
3. Dimensions -- The size of our filters accommodate the dimensions of the support structure and wall clearances of a given aquarium stand size. The "Smart Chassis" shape allows for the addition of optional equipment and peripherals allowing for total access for easy maintenance.
4, Sump Reservoir-- Our filter reservoirs are large enough to contain a set drainage in the event of an electrical power failure when set up directions are followed. All of our reservoirs are also designed for minimum evaporation maintenance.
NOTE: *******    Different applications may require the use of a larger or commercial model (ie. if you have custom size or shaped aquariums, multiple strand aquariums, or maintenance, exhibit, retail or wholesale establishments). If you need assistance in deciding which series to select, please feel free to contact us so we can guide you or customize a system to suit your particular requirements.